Midvale Sessions

  1. 1 California 4:20
  2. 2 The Burial Ground 3:29
  3. 3 Everything Makes Sense 3:51
  4. 4 Turn It All Around 2:53
  5. 5 The Road Back Home 3:43
  6. 6 Windy City 1:18
Album Credits: David Ely (drums) Joshua Barnhart (bass) Darcy Stamp (strings) William Wells (keys) Paul Nordeen (guitar effects engineering) Gray Bashew (drum engineering) Alex Burtson & Nick Papageorge (amplification) Aleks von Korff (mixing & mastering) Joshua

Special thanks to my family, friends, roommates, and neighbors for your patience and tolerance of noise, particularly those of you who were dragged into my room repeatedly to listen to indiscernible variations in my songs. Thank you to Dixon and Abbie for inspiring The Burial Ground and The Windy City, and to Priscilla for being there for the inspiring moment of The Road Back Home (although you probably don't remember it). Thank you to my friends in liberty for your unwavering commitment to the principles of freedom and self government which Turn It All Around lightly touches on. Thank you to Mara for being a photographic catalyst for the first release of California, and to Einstein for his brilliant work remixing it. Big shout out to the people of Westwood Village, Midvale Avenue, UCLA, and UBC.